How long will India be locked down due to the corona virus?

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  1. Until the situation comes to normal with very less new cases. At present government is trying to Stop the spread of this virus. Because we know that India is 2nd largest populous country in the world. Here government is trying to control the spread. So that it would be easy to cure fast with out any stress.

    At present India is in 2nd stage of corona virus. If it reached to next stage government can’t control the spread and the situation would be more worse than China and Italy. If every individual strictly follow the government rules, then very soon we can eliminate this deadly virus in India.

    If people cooperates the situation would be normal with in a month. If not we can’t imagine how worse the condition would be in future.

    It’s responsibility of every individual to stop spread of this virus. Hope soon we will declare India as Corona free country.

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