How many days are sufficient to visit Malaysia?

Mudassir Ali
Feb 12, 2020 05:28 AM 0 Answers
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Mudassir Ali
- Feb 12, 2020 05:28 AM

Originally Answered: How many days are necessary to visit the most important sites in Malaysia?
Malaysia isn’t really that tourist friendly because sights are all over the place and transport is generally not easy to navigate. My advice would be situate yourself in KL somewhere near the Central Market. From there you can walk to many things around the Lake Garden and Old KL area or train to Batu Caves. You need 4 days in KL. What almost no one does is take a taxi through the Chinese cemetery right in KL. Even locals have no idea how amazing it is. You will want to stop and take lots of photos. Penang you need 3 days. Its pretty well covered by tourist literature. Melaka two full days. Make sure you walk all of the Jonker street area because people usually miss the streets further in which have some unique things like the mosque and some interesting shops, one still making shoes for bound feet. There is a little coffee shop that has a Combi van parked inside. Worth a visit. Inter City buses are excellent. Taxi drivers will cheat you for sure. Ask before hoping in when you are in Penang.

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