How many days will the lockdown last in India? What …

Mudassir Ali
Apr 08, 2020 01:40 PM 0 Answers
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How many days will the lockdown last in India? What is your guess and why?

Mudassir Ali
- Apr 08, 2020 01:41 PM

Too early to say anything on this. The numbers are rising continuously because of the following reasons:

People who came from abroad and now are not following the procedure and running around like herds.
A special community which is not listening to what Government is asking them to do.
Finally, the people who are ignorant and are taking things lightly. The chalta hai attitude in India is quite prevalent.

Currently, India is reaching stage three in the corona cycle which is a critical stage. If this is not stopped here the consequences may be like Italy in stage 4.

Having said this I do not want to scare anyone but would request everyone to sit at home in order to maintain social distancing.

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