How many Pakistanis use Facebook?


How many Pakistanis use Facebook?

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  1. I am Pakistani and let me tell you how we use Facebook.

    Facebook company develop a new software, which work on 1133 Nokia mobiles, and can easily use. In this way a common Pakistani could have approach to Facebook. But still 99.99% Pakistanis don’t know how to use Facebook.Even most Pakistanis don’t know “What is Facebook”. Its also true that we don’t have computers and cell phones. Its very difficult for us to use Facebook. We literally not know how to use Facebook. So, in Pakistan, government open special coaching classes, where we learn “How to use Facebook” and “What is Facebook”.

    I think that is what questioner want to listen !


    Update: I am thankful to questioner from changing his questions “How Pakistani use Facebook” to “How many Pakistani use Facebook” 🙂 So, your answer is;

    According to the Facebook audience insights tool, Pakistani Facebook users include 15 – 20 million men and around 5-6 million of its members are women. Two third majority of the Pakistani users of Facebook are under the age of 25 which indicates how much popular it is among the youth.

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