How many qualifications are required for a girl to join the Pakistan Army?

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  1. Pakistan Army is the only institution of the country which covers almost every discipline of professional services known: be it technical i.e. Engineers (construction and field services) and Signals (communications and networking), Medical i.e. AMC (Army Medical Corps) and ADC (Army Dental Corps), Services i.e. ASC (supply and transport) and Ordnance (clothing and armament), Education i.e. AEC (Army Education Corps) or the fighting arms: Infantry, Armoured, Artillery, Air Defence.

    Female applicants are eligible for arms except the fighting arms, which makes the options limited only to the education, technical, medical and services arms. Female applicants can apply in thier respective professional fields according to thier qualification. Applicants with Engineering degrees (Civil, EME, Software, Telecom etc) can apply for the technical arms. Those with management qualifications can go for Services, and subject specialists can apply for comission in Army Education Corps.

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