How many Sayyids are there in the world?

Mudassir Ali
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How many Sayyids are there in the world?

Mudassir Ali
- Jan 04, 2020 02:16 PM

1st meaning of Syed or sayyid or sayyad
Meaning family members of Prophet Muhammad (peace n blessings of Allah be upon him n family n his companions

2nd meaning is Leader or a scholar of certain group like u can mostly find before the name of great teachers ex;Sayyadi abc… this title mostly from the student which is good quality

3rd a master of soldiers

1st syeds are descended from the blood of ahazrat Fatima ra daughter of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) in one Hadith Prophet said Every father blood walk through his son but my name blood will walk through my daughter Fatima … so H.Ali ra Husand of H.Fatima ra have other wives sons after her death but they are not sayyid n neither
Sisters sons of H.Fatima ra wwere syed… so syeds r only from H.fatima ra ……
These syeds are called Ahle bait means house members
…. muslim send blessing on these syeds ex allahumma salli aala Muhammad wa aala aali Muhammad means o Allah God send blessing on Muhammad n on descended of Muhammad … so it is next to necessary or necessary to love n to respect syeds coz they r ahle bait ….

.. who are real syed ?
We cant say…why fake or weak scholars declaring themself as Syed descendent of H.Fatima ra …. if u have proof called Shajara then u got to take approval from a good scholars coz people making fake shajara….if a pious scholar call other man is as sayed then he got certificate…. scholars says if this guy is syed and his father is or was syed n so on n they r not liers then dont doubt whether hes syed or no … its a warning from scholars coz there r stories of unlucky peoples disrespected real syeds by calling them You r not syed … like theres live a king a syeda lady came to king n said o king im syeda (family members of Prophet) n im not from this place give me place to survive , in reply king said everyone call themself as shareef (one of alternative name of syed in different countries) call themself as shareef, I consider u one of those …..Maa aaz Allah….one another pious man when he heard a syeda .he pious man gave her shelter n in dream of king ,Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) came n said o you bad baqt (unlucky) man , My daughter came for help n u refused her so go I Refused you…Maa aaz Allah (God protect us)… king got up ran for syeda n ask the pious man to gave the syeda back n said ill shelter her, the pious man smiled n said what u have saw in dream , I too that Prophet (saww) was pleased with me n gave blessed news of jannah…. this is one story there r more stories on status of syeds….
Im too syed
… and im helpless coz i dont have proof coz my great grand father died from a danger virus ,,,,, ;( leaving his son in childhood so he adopted by a qurayshi pious family but never changed his name … ya for sure for us my gg dad story is saddest one…. if people respect Me , for sure they r respecting me but ultimately the respect goes to our Beloved (pbuh), n being a syed I love n respect syed cozz respecting syed as respecting Prophet (saww)…..but never ever disrespect any muslim especially syeds … by doing so u get nothing … if u got newd that he is fake.. so let it be…

Sorry I worte a lot … my intention was to share with my muslim brothers my weak knowledge. … hope it help… sorry again
Assalamualaikum … smile always it is sunnah of our Beloved Prophet Muhammad

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