How much does Careem pay drivers in Lahore?


How much does Careem pay drivers in Lahore?

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  1. it depends on how much a driver works. But if a driver works 8 hours a day as a normal shift it saves him 40k to 50k. but if the driver is not you yourself and you have hired him/her, so cutting his pay out it saves you 25k-30k almost.

  2. Careem pays Rs. 25/km. 250 base price. And a very minor waiting cost.
    Careem has a 20/80 partnership with its Captains. They take 20% from the total trip earning.

  3. Careem does not pay to drivers its vice versa, drivers pay to Careem and the amount of money they earn is depended on them the more they drive the more the earn money, 20% of all the money earned by driver is for Careem and the rest of 80% is for driver, if you own the car and drive it yourself then you can get as much as 60k-70k in a month this is by driving 7–8 hours a day. If you drive more and also drive on weekdays then you can earn more money. If you have hired a driver then you can set an amount of his wage ranging from 20k-25k/month depends on you

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