How much monthly income in Uber goes to Lahore?

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  1. While average per month income might not be that high, there are drivers who make over Rs. 100,000 a month by just driving cars on the roads of Lahore. “In fact, there’s this driver who topped our charts by making Rs. 130,000 in 30 days”, we were told by an Uber spokesperson

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  2. Uber is a big platform for individuals as well as business persons to involve in. Lot of people are part of it in a way or two whether they have vehicles or not, driving license or not.
    And due to very populated city, people has vast demand of travelling around the city. Therefore the earning is quite good. Although it varies from vehicle to vehicle, time, rate and working time but still a normal driver can earn around 40 to 45000 Rs. a month.

  3. Earning in Uber is totally depends upon your rides. Quality of your vehicle also depends because you earn ratings accordingly. Here we tak ans assumed driver and his rides to have an idea od his earnings Estimated UberX drivers earnings:
    At UberX of PKR200 base fare, PKR3.87 per min and PKR10.67 per km, the average Lahore trip pay out for a UberX driver is PKR363.81.
    Since Uber drivers on average make about 2 rides per hour, the hourly UberX driver earnings equate to approximately PKR727.62.
    Assuming an average Uber driver dedicates to work about 30 hours per week, the overall per week earning would be PKR21,829, making annual salary for Lahore UberX driver equal to PKR1,135,087.
    If you make this amount a little lowe to 80k or 90k. It’s still an handsoke amount to earn in a minth as there’s many individuals who couldn’t earn that amount by working whole months for 12 hours a day.

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