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  1. Originally Answered: How strong is the Pakistan Army?
    Yes they are strong. Have some of the best weapon system platforms donated by the US or reimbursed by the US but inspite of this, they havent won a single war

    1948 Kashmir Campaign – Planned to annexe entire Kashmir from India but failed
    1965 – Another attempt to take Kashmir from India and failed again
    1971 – Lost to India. The largest surrender by any army after WW2 (90,000)
    1984 – Tried to take Siachen but pushed back by India
    1999 – 3rd attempt to take Kashmir but failed again

    If you analyse the above, they have been losing all direct military confrontation which can mean 2 things

    Their military leaders are incapable of leading their troops bravely and wisely
    Their military strategy is flawed

    On the countrary, if you look at their capabilities at guerilla warfare, it is quite noteworthy

    Participating in the Afghan campaign with American support against the Soviet Union
    Constant encouragement of terrorism against India

    These 2 points prove something interesting. They are intelligent but not brave enough to fight a direct war because they are not motivated, they fear that their true abilities would be exposed, they could lose a bulk of their equipment which would put a lot of pressure on their treasury.

    In short what I would like to say is that having the best weapons dont make you a great or a powerful army but winning wars makes one a powerful army.

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