How safe is travelling in Pakistan?


How safe is travelling in Pakistan?

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    Pakistan is as safe as any other country in the world. I am not exaggerating it. Bad things can happen anywhere in the world. A terrorist can hit you in NYC and in Paris too or in Brussels. Key to happiness is and free life is to think positive. There are few areas that no one recommend you to travel as if only for your security.

    Pakistan has been ruled and being ruled by the most stupid or ill capable people. Who don’t know how to promote your country and culture. In fact India is more unsafe for tourists than Pakistan, many of the female tourists in India has been kidnapped, raped and murdered afterwards but the chances of occurrence of such incident in Pakistan is very low than compare to India. Our only problem is bad image and people who are responsible are not capable of image building. You know a good marketing can sold bad products but a bad marketing or negative marketing can not sold a good product. So only issue with Pakistan is the perception of the people.

    There has been few incidents reported of kidnapping of foreigners in Pakistan but in all those cases never a tourist were targeted only journalists (Daniel Pearl etc..) who the miss guided (rebels) thought are working against them etc. You can go anywhere in Pakistan.

    I hope you will spend some time over internet and in reading the blogs of the people who has actually visited Pakistan. Read their reviews and then decide.

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