How should Imran Khan handle the religious hardliners in Pakistan?

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How should Imran Khan handle the religious hardliners in Pakistan?

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Sep 30, 2021

Imran Khan is the only person whose political career-spanning around more than 2 decades- is extremely hard or you may call it a tediously globetrotting journey. He is not the one, nurtured and nourished in a Political Nursery, to plant elsewhere by the establishment. Unlike Imran Khan the other political figures have literally fed and fostered in a nursery supervised by establishment.Thus they continued to get their go one after an other to the corridors of power.

Oh, wait minute.

What am I doing.??

In stead of answering the question I’ve started writing an essay on the Political account of Imran Khan. Lets get back to the topic.

What was that..??

Yes, recalled.

The question appears to be somewhat vague and lacking exactness or accuracy of expression. But whatever, I’ve assumed and grabbed the very core of question is that it relates to the affects of religious zealots or hardliners on the country’s geostrategic and political landscap. If its so, then my answer would definitely be in affirmative.

Religious freedom means that you can practice any religion you want to, but it doesn’t mean you can use YOUR beliefs to dictate what others can and cannot do. Your religion guides you only. Not all of us. In fact religious zealotry and bigotry is an extremely dangerous form of religious pluralism or fundamentalism, which denotes strict adherence to the books and scriptures of religions without seeking authentic and accurate guidance.

It is achieved by carving the mind of each individual from childhood. An extremist with a burning desire to dedicate life for his religion may take him to carry out religious terrorism. It is not an extempore transformation, it is a result of deliberate religious teachings by inauthentic Rabbis, Priests, Mullaas and Pundits.

Extremism and religious hardline is an outcome of poverty, illiteracy and conditioning of brains from the childhood. Many parents, Mullaas, pundits and priests often restrain children to understand the truth.They initiate spoon-feeding about their own religion earlier than the schools.

Imran Khan, Prime Minister of Pakistan, has promised and vowed to bring a control over religious extremists and hardliners. In his recent speaches, Khan has assured that his government will be soon introducing scientific education right from primary schools to religious Madariss so that future’s generation of Pakistan must receive authentic knowledge about religion to devise a hatred-free Pakistan.

He has declared that School books will be teaching the study of the origin of life, anthropology and a brief history of major religions. Today, these topics are there within the syllabus of schools in several countries.

Imran Khan knows very well that the creation of Pakistan was not possible without the full support of minorities especially Christians, Hindus and Ahmadis etc. But the impression and signal we have given may lead them to form an opinion that they have made a great mistake supporting and choosing Pakistan as their motherland. Minorities, whichever community they may belong to will be safeguarded by the Khan-led government.

Their religion, faith and belief is absolutely secure.There is and will be no interference of any kind in performing their religious rituals and freedom of worship.They have full protection with regard to their religion, faith, life and their culture. They are-no doubt in all respects- equal citizens of the state and there will be no discrimination on the basis of their religion, caste and creed.

They have their equal rights and privileges and along with it goes the obligation of citizenship also. Similarly, the minorities too have their responsibilities and they need to play their part in the affairs of the state. As long as the minorities are loyal to the State and owe true allegiance and as long as Imran Khan is in power, minorities need have no apprehension of any kind.

Pakistan’s powerful military has long been accused of harbouring militant groups to provide foreign policy muscle in Afghanistan, Kashmir and India. After years of demands it tackle militant-linked organisations- waging Jihad from its soil. Khan begun what international observers said appeared to be the biggest crackdown on proscribed religious extremist groups in years.

The crackdown was launched soon after another outlawed group allegedly based in Pakistan, e.g. Jaish-e-Mohammad that brought Pakistan and India to the verge of war, when Indian Govt claimed that JeM has owned the responsibility of a suicide bombing that led to killing of 40 police personnel in District Pulwama under Indian Kashmir.

These rash and blasphemous Mullaass who without applying any reason resort to create disorder and bloodshed in the name of religion have been thrown behind the bars. Now the State has managed to enforce its writ beyond any discrimination whatsoever.

This has proved to be a clear message and code that those found stirring up communal and sectarian frenzy will not be spared and dealt with severely in a manner conforming the law of the land and not otherwise. Khan has literally managed to control the religious hardliners to a great extent. One could feel and see that since the actions against such hardliners have been initiated—the religious fanatics have to think twice before indulging into such activities.

PM Khan with Indian Sikkh Community at Kartarpur Boarder.

Captured IAF Pilot being handed over to India

The entire World has witnessed Khan’s humane gesture during the inaugural speech at Kartarpur Boarder and later on handing over the captured Indian Pilot as gesture of peace. These steps of Khan has literally won the hearts not only of Sikkh Community but internationally as well. He has proved himself to be the torch bearer of peace, love and brotherhood.

His speeches on the occasions manifested his honesty, courage and will to bridge the gap between Pakistan and Hindustan. Each and every word of his speech tailored with the intention to promote peace, brotherhood, amity and interfaith harmony between the two countries. Unfortunately the Indian Govt has failed to reciprocate with the same feelings as exhibited by Prime Minister, Imran Khan.

One cannot deny the fact that Pakistani leadership never spoke bitterly and always desired to live like a good neighbours, for which it has repeatedly offered India to start peace talks and settle outstanding issues but every time the peace gesture showed by Pakistan received with absolute negativity, probably due to the election process was under way in India at that time.??

However, the process of election has since come to an end and Mr Modi has returned to power again. It is hoped that there is more prospect of peace in the near future to come. Finally I expect, both the nuclear states to bury their hatchet and enter into a new era where peace, amity and above all sanity prevails.

“I have decided to stick with Love. Hate is too great a Burden to Bear”. ~ Martin Luther

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