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  1. John McCain should be immortalized for what he was: a humble, decent example of the best in America. He was born to great privilege, as the son and grandson of admirals. He could have taken the easy road, and say, dodged the draft by faking an injury and living off his birthright. Of course, only a scoundrel would do that, and John McCain was no scoundrel. Like George HW Bush, he assumed the mantel of responsibility as one who loves this country would. He paid a tremendous price for it – something his detractors and denouncers would cower in shame from. But he bore it proudly, and felt honored to be selected to endure it for his fellow Americans. I have read his biography cover to cover. I consider him among the great Americans. And yet, I seldom agreed with him on policy. But I have nothing but respect for him as a man and a patriot. This is the beauty of America. My hope is that we honor his memory by remembering the difference between being a patriot and a cheap hustler. And if you think I’m referring to the current president, ask yourself why in the world your mind would immediately go there

  2. As a San Franciscan Liberal

    John McCain should be celebrated as a man of honor

    A man who was dedicated to serving his country his entire life.

    A mentor for freshmen Senators – Democrats and republicans alike.

    A man of principles (Even when I disagreed with him)

    and a man

    No man is perfect

    But some aspire to be

    and we need more of those types of Men and Women

    Whose word is their bond..

    I am proud to be an American and am saddened as the new of his death just reached me.

    I feel that part of the American Spirit has faded

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