How should you treat the Coronavirus (COVID-19) at home?


How should you treat the Coronavirus (COVID-19) at home?

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  3. Well, first of all get your swab done to make sure it’s indeed Covid-19 instead of a domestic cold or flu. If it turns out, as it’s most likely, that you only have a cold, you can deal with it the way you deal normally with a cold, but trying to stay home as much as possible, as you may be more easily subject to catching Covid-19 with a preexisting condition. If it turns out to be Covid-19, it dipends on the magnitude of the symptoms. If the symptoms remain mild (a cough, headache, a little fever, with no respiratory issue), the suggested therapy is self-isolation at home. Stick to your home. Your family members will have to also get a swab done, anyone who is negative will probably be suggested to move elsewhere for a few weeks. Apart from staying home in isolation (you can shop for groceries online or have some relative, friend or neighbor pick up groceries for you, have them leave the food in front of your door and pick it up after they went away), all you have to do is more or less the same as you do normally: rest, stay warm, drink a lot of water, eat fruits and vegetables, watch Netflix, play videogames, chat on line, read a book, etc. If you start having a very high fever, or having shortness of breath you will not be able to stay at home and wll have to be moved to a hospital.

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