How the western world look at JF Thunder 17? Do they consider this a quality jet fighter?

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  1. This multi role fighter, jointly developed by PAC and CAC (Pakistan and China), costs between 25mm and 32mm in their Block I, II and III variants. The latter has an effective AESA radar and is capable of engaging Beyond Visual Range (BVR). In conjunction with the Chinese long range PL-12 BVRAAM, they pose a threat to many third and fourth generation planes, including the MiG-21 Bison which was recently shot down in Pakistan. Has Pakistan’s JF-17 ‘Thunder’ Block II Fighter Jet Engaged in its First Dogfight?

    One measures the effectiveness of a plane against likely competitors. You cannot compare them to the F-35 because the F-35 has yet to be bested in any test against a 4th-generation fighter. But if you put them against most Russian export aircraft, they stand a good chance against similarly trained pilots.

    These are capable platforms for the cost.

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