How to make money online from the house 2019?

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Muhammad Zeeshan
- Jul 30, 2019 07:45 AM

I am an Online Marketer and here I am going to describe all the genuine way to earn money online, and also mention online frauds to aware students and people who sometimes struck in these type of frauds.


If you finding some shortcuts to earn well in short-term of the period, then sorry to say, by these tricks you can earn money online definitely but all your earning is depends on your efforts.

Url Shorteners-

  • Go to Google and search – “URL Shortener Paid Sites
  • Register on the website after reviewing the website
  • Choose a YouTube Video, Website Blog and copy the URL.
  • Short your URL and Share in social media and WhatsApp group
  • Your income depends on how many clicks you get.

Bonus– Go to adult websites and copy the link of the video ✈ Shortner your URL ✈ create a fake id on social media ✈ share the short-links on fake id, you definitely get good clicks.


Instagram is the most used application If you don’t have a patient, you can’t earn from Instagram. If you can wait for 1 year and work hard you can earn a better income.

  • Choose a Niche(Category) where you are interested in.
  • Create an Instagram Page
  • Upload 5–6 Posts Daily with #hashtag
  • It is very hard to get 1st 1000 followers on Instagram but doesn’t be patient less.
  • Follow more people of your category
  • Approach pages to Shoot for Shoot(S4S) where you both promote each other page by uploading stories or post.
  • Comment 15–20 comment daily on same category pages.
  • After getting 10k followers people approach you to the paid shootout.
  • You can also post copied content sometimes, but trying to post unique content.

Nich Ideas– Funny, Cricket, Hollywood, Dancing, TikTok videos, Jokes etc.


I don’t think so, I have to need to be described this topic, you are already very well familiar with “How to make money on YouTube”.

Sell Photo Online✘- Hardest way to earn money online, but if you are good at photography you can try.

If you are a professional graphic designer then you can try.

Content Writing-

If you are a little bit good at writing, you can easily earn from your home.

How To Start-

  • Profile creation of different site and mention about your skills.
  • Write some articles and blog and post it on Article Submission sites. (As people show your recent work)
  • Started Writing on Quora

People will automatically approach you for work.

Profile creation sites– Naukri. com, LinkedIn, Fiver, Freelancer

Article Submission Sites– SooperArticles, LinkedIn, Tumbler

You have to be some knowledge of website designing to make money online in this way(Start Learning from YouTube)

  • Affiliate Marketing Program
  • Adsense
  • CPA Marketing

A fresher can’t earn by this method, it’s hard to earn from Adsense for newbies, but you can start to learn from YouTube and create free websites on Blogger, Wix Sites, WordPress etc.

Other Online Business Ideas-

Domain Name Trade

Graphics Designing(High Demand)

T-shirt Design business

Online Frauds-

  • Paid Survey
  • Double Paytm Cash
  • Carding
  • Download Applications

Image Source- “Google

If you want to waste your time then you can try these shits.

If you want to Earn first you to put “L” before “Earn” means you have to Learn.

Edit- Many people are put their affiliate link in the comment section, don’t click on these link, all are affiliates link, although I deleted many of the comments.

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