How well trained are Pakistani troops?

Mudassir Ali
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Mudassir Ali
- Feb 08, 2020 05:03 AM

Yes Pakistan Army is one of the most renowned army in the world. The lot produced by the Pakistan Army is highly trained and professional. Every soldier is highly tenacious about his responsibilities. This motivation comes from the nationalism and islamic ideology.

Now, going on to the statistics.

Pakistan Army is one of the two militaries in the world to have an engineers division. First one is the U.S. Army.

The Special Services Group of the Pakistan Army is one of the most battle hardened special operations formation in the world.

2017 Beijing International Sniping Competition was won an SSG NCO Nk. Arshad. The shooters from the U.S. Navy Seals were on the number 8, while them from the USMC were on the 9th position. EDIT: Due to the very unexpectedly high rate of indian troll on this post, I’ve decided to share their position in the list, 16th. Then they ignorantly boast about the greatness of their military on every known forum on planet Earth.

We already know that Pakistan has been engaged in “War Against Militancy” since the year 2000. The Army has faced several prevailing challenges during this horondous period. But has excelled in the 5th generation proxy warfare. And has successfully eliminated the hardcore elements from the tribal areas. The task which was once seen as impossible to complete by the rest of the world.

Today, Pakistan Army is arguably the most battle hardened military in the world, at least in current generation warfare.

As far as the equipment and technological domain is concerned Alhamdulillah Pakistan Army is equiped with the most upto date and advanced systems

Pakistan’s ballistic warheads are arguably the most advanced in terms of tracking and direction, with upto 3 tracking systems installed in a single piece. It greatly reduces any margin of decreased accuracy of the payload.

Pakistan also has an advanced Air Defence System. The new systems comprise of the LY-80 LOMADS and FM 90 SAM systems.

Inspite all of this, the troops are ensured to make it up to the training standards.

The force is well known for its scores in Cambrian Patrol exercises.

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