How will I know if I have been granted a UK visitor visa?

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  1. When you receive email saying that decision has been made and mention reference UKVI06 with reference number and not VAC CITY FOR example UKVI/NEW DEL than your visa is granted but if it says UKVI/NewDel than unfortunately it says that it has been declined.

    also in your text message there are 2 types

    when you receive SMS saying that :

    The processed visa application for GWF0xxxxxxx will be delivered to the chosen address. ( it means visa issued .

    if you receive this message

    The visa application for GWFXxxxxx is concluded and will be delivered to the chosen address. ( unfortunately visa has not granted )

    please note that this are my personal experiences of various applications for friend and families.

    Always happy to help

    I am not a solicitor or consultant.

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