How would one describe and explain the function of any (3) named components of the computer?

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Mudassir Ali
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Originally Answered: What are the main components of a computer?
Computers are made of two parts.


This is the part you can see. It includes peripherals such as mice, hard drives, memory (RAM) keyboards and other input and output devices.


This consists of the part you can’t touch or see physically. There are system software such as drivers which control how a device works. For example, printer drivers allow the control of printers from computers. And then there are user softwares such as browsers, media players, games and so on.

Important parts:

CPU: Central Processing Unit which is in charge of processing all instructions given to it and returning information. For example, when you tell a computer to take 1 and add it to 2, the CPU receives that instruction and processes it and returns 3 to you.

RAM: often called volatile memory or temporarily memory, stands for Random Access Memory. It holds information that you are using temporarily so the CPU can use it quickly without taking the time to read and write to the hard drive.

HDD: This stores data permanently. Documents, music files, game installations and so on are all stored your hard drive.

GPU: Graphics Processing Unit is a device that is in charge of processing all graphics related tasks on a computer. That means games, 3D rendering, simulations and the likes. GPUs are fast devices so they can even be used for other tasks such as encryption and decryption because they process data in parallel as opposed to CPUs that are serial.

Operating System: This is a system software that controls the execution of programs and how resources are used. This makes sure your hardware components are used properly and the software is running smoothly. If a program takes up way more resources than it should, an OS can terminate it or you can terminate it manually.

Motherboard: all those parts above are connected to the motherboard. This circuit board manages the communication between all those components. It is also where the power gets in and is distributed to various components connected to it.

Input devices: this includes mice, keyboards, touchscreens, joysticks, sensors and other devices that can get an input signal to a computer.

Output devices: what’s the point of information if you can’t see, hear or access it? Output devices help us see information processed by the computer. Screens, VR headsets, headphones, AR systems to name a few.

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