How would the US respond if China uses tactical nuclear weapons against a US Navy aircraft carrier?

Mudassir Ali
Jan 19, 2020 04:50 PM 0 Answers
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Mudassir Ali
- Jan 19, 2020 04:50 PM

They would destroy something about as expensive as a carrier. Plus maybe 10 %. Then they would wait. And if the chinese responded in kind, they would do it again.

Problem here is that Mao felt that China could survive a nuclear war, on account of their population is so large. So if the chinese still believe that, there might be nuclear exchanges for a long time. The chinese take out, say Detroit. The US takes out say Yangzhou. And so on and so forth. Then eventually either the chinese would figure out it would not win after all, or they US would see they were loosing. If that was the case, the US would either start a complete nuclear war with china or they would attack china using non-nuclear means. Probably the first. Chinas population is very concentrated on the east-coast and would quickly be decimated. The western part is mostly desert (Yes, I know I am not completely correct here, but generally…). They would end with (Completely guessing here) say 250–300 million surviving americans (Largest 300 cities a total of 70 mill people) and 500–600 million surviving chinese (Largest 50 cities a total of 240 mill)
I understand China has about 250 nuclear devices and the US has several thousands. I assume that both parties bomb until their entire armouries are spent (Not necessarily, since the US must keep a large amount to deal with the Russians).

But the main difference is that the Chinese are much more city dwellers than the americans.

The list of Chinese cities only contains 50 names, so I will try to fix that. I assume the population density is higher in China than in the US, but if I still take the same fall in city populations as in the US, I get that the 300 largest cities in China has a total of about 700 mill. The US will continue the bombing and spend a total of maybe 1000–1500 nuclear devices and end up with the number of survivors I mention above.

In the above I have not taken US Star Wars defences into account (I don’t really believe it exists, but the Russians and possibly the chinese seem to do, so maybe I should?).

Not so nice prospects. So please don’t.

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