How would WWII have ended if the US and Britain had never opened the Western front on D-Day?

Mudassir Ali
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Mudassir Ali
- Jan 20, 2020 02:22 PM

The red Army would have occupied Germany up to the border of France and maybe beyond, and they would have paid the blood price of another million or two soldiers.

It is not a widely known because most of the western media and history talks about D-day, which in and of it self was one of the most amazing military campaigns of history, but on the 23rd of June 17 days after the Allies landed the Red army launched operation Bagration which was a battle where the Russians launched an attack over 1200km of front using 2.5 million men. They destroyed 28 out of the 32 German Divisions and pushed them back about 650 kilometers, for the loss of a million soldiers. Which for Stalin was a small price to pay. Compare that to the 250 thousand allies who died on or after Normandy in Europe. So what would have happened if the Western front had not taken place. Hitler would have moved more and more men to the Eastern front to be ground to meat by the red Army.

Meanwhile the allies would have continued pounding all of Germany into dust with the RAF and the 8th Airforce. The war would have lasted another 12 months, cost another million or so lives by the red army, which was trifle for Stalin. It would have cost the German army another couple of million men, as the 5 million or so that managed to surrender to the Allies would have had to have fought to the death against the Russians. The Red Army would have completely destroyed and removed every machine in Germany and raped every woman up to the French border ( at least they weren’t gassed). In that case the Allies would have invaded in 1945 because there would have been very few Germans in France to defend against even a token army. The Allies would have invaded in 1945to protect the borders of France, Belgium and the Netherlands as Germany would have been lost to the Russians.

I think that the cold war would have happened the same way as it did but the iron curtain would have fallen on the Rhine and not halfway through German.

It should be noted that at the same time the Allies were fighting their way up Italy so they would have made it into Germany/Austria sometime in early 1945. Italy proved to be very good defensive country for the Germans.

All this is pure speculation. Over the various Allied meetings the final borders were well understood and more or less agreed. There was a tacit understanding between Roosevelt and Churchill to accede to Russians territorial demands if they did most of the dying. That was a good deal for Stalin as he didn’t care a lot about his own peoples lives. I think his famous quotation is one mans death is a tragedy, if a million die its a statistic. Read about the famines in Russia and the Ukraine in the 30s.

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