I consume more coffee than food does anyone else do the same?

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  1. Originally Answered: Can drinking coffee daily have negative effects on my health?
    You’ll need to drink a huge amount of coffee (or more specifically caffeine) to perceive a direct impact on your health, however caffeine can interfere in your sleep quality and/or quantity, what may cause very perceivable impacts on your health.

    As caffeine has a half time of about 7 hours in our body, i.e., after 7 hours of consumption your lever will eliminate half of the ingested dose of caffeine, the effect of several doses will accumulate fast. Caffeine blocks neuro-receptors that process one hormone linked to sleep.

    Personally, I drink coffee everyday almost as a ritual for years. There is no specific time or occasion, but it’s a pause for my own pleasure and normally an opportunity for a small talk. Nevertheless, I use to drink only few of the highest quality shots as possible.

    Good shots!

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