I drink coffee every day. Is that going to be a health problem?

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  1. Which theory do you want to believe in?
    one, that says coffee is good for your hearth or the other one saying it’s bad?

    Research conducted buy “Cancer Research UK” showed that there was no correlation between coffee drinking and cancer and it’s no longer threaten as a heart diseases factor. But benefits from drinking coffee seem to come from caffeic acid more than caffeine.

    On the other hand – overuse can (and do!) raise your blood pressure, even to the live threatening levels. Some people have digestion problems as well.

    The question is – how much coffee do you drink? Is one couple of cups per day or 6? Is your natural blood pressure low or high? Do you have troubles sleeping in the evening? Do you check your blood pressure regularly?

    I drink 2 to 3 coffees per day (one espresso and 2 lattes) and haven’t noticed high blood pressure for a long time. But it’s me, and I do a lot of endurance training, so I quite need that extra kick. Some people don’t have tolerance for even one cup though.

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