I have heard some say that “Islam is incompatible with western civilization.” Do you think they are wrong? If so, why?

Mudassir Ali
Feb 01, 2020 03:11 PM 0 Answers
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Mudassir Ali
- Feb 01, 2020 03:12 PM

The word Islam means submission. To Allah and what He tells. Unfortunately He seemed to have told everything to The Prophet, a human being, in one go a few centuries ago, and to have gone silent then since. I wouldn’t say that Islam is incompatible with Western civilizations. I think it’s more appropriate to state that Islam is incompatible with the 21st century.

I’m sure that this victim of stoning from Aleppo, Syria, felt exactly that, a second before passing. He was a Muslim. He wasn’t a Westerner. He wasn’t living in the West.

Religion kills the Faith because it regulates it. Religion is blasphemy because its boundaries and regulations are set by mere mortals in the name of God. It’s not of God and His alleged will that religious fanatics are afraid of: they are afraid of the consequences of their actions, set in stone by fellow fanatics like them. It’s never Allah who tells people, “if you commit adultery I will have you stoned;” it’s other fellow humans. Take an adulterer fanatic Muslim living in the US: did Allah warned him about it? No. Mohamed, a bunch of centuries ago, did. But does he get stoned in the US? Of course not. Will he call his fellow Muslims and beg them to stone him because of his alleged sin? Of course not. Move that same fanatic person to Iraq and let him discover that his neighbor committed adultery: he will be the first to call for stoning. And this works also for non fanatic people. There, where religion dominates, God is dead. Any God. But God, any God, will never cease living in the faith in him. The faith in God, any God, has never killed or hurt anybody. Religions, to the contrary…

Yes, in the end it is always and only humans who hurt and kill other humans. Millions of Christians have died of HIV in the third world countries because discouraged, when not kept purposely uneducated, about the use of condoms by the Church. Trust me: God didn’t tell even the Pope that it’s better to get HIV than using condoms. Now, imagine a religion like Islam which has been set in stone in the seventh century and which claims that everything that Muhammad said back then cannot be questioned 14 centuries later because it was the will of Allah…

It’s funny also how Allah decided to go public about his will after thousands and thousands of years since humans started walking this Earth, allowing them, this way, to repeatedly go against his will, also known as sinning. I have faith, and I would feel pretty uncomfortable if God was so distracted; in fact, I would be absolutely pissed if i lived before he manifested his will and I got to know that I sinned, with all its after life unpleasant consequences. But if someone found a way to look after and rule over people by pretending to speak in the name of him whom you cannot see, well…that explains religion. Too bad that what could have made sense, in terms of ruling over and looking after people, back then, it clearly doesn’t 14 centuries later. There you have your incompatibility about Islam.

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