If Pakistan attacks India, who would win?


If Pakistan attacks India, who would win?

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  1. The first factor is that a full fledged war between India and Pakistan is not going to happen. But in the hypothetical scenario of a war occurring between India and Pakistan in the next decade the following can happen.

    The well equipped Indian armoured divisions with T90 tanks and mechanised infantry with massive fire support from our indigenous Danush artillery will strike into Pakistan through the punjab plains and the rajasthan desert attempting to cut Pakistan into two. This cutting of Pakistan is quiet possible as that country is only 500 km wide at its widest point .
    The Indian Airforce with its SU 30 and Rafale and Mig 29 equipped with beyond visual range missiles will dominate the skies not allowing any Pakistan jets to operate. The Rafale are equipped with 300 km range meteor missiles which will blow any Pakistani jets from the sky before they even know what has hit them.
    Additionally the S400 anti ballistic missile system with a range of over 400 km will not allow any Pakistani jet to operate even inside Pakistan which as mentioned earlier is only 500 km across at its widest point.
    The fully functional ballistic missile defence system of India should prevent any large scale Pakistani missile attack on indian cities
    The Indian navy with its two operational aircraft carriers will ensure an effective blockade of the Pakistani sea routes
    Now if the political military establishment in Pakistan sense an impending loss they can launch tactical and at worst a strategic nuclear attack on India. In a scenario like this if India sense an impending nuclear attack the latest thinking in indian security establishment is to launch a preemptive massive nuclear strike on known Pakistani nuclear storage facilities and establishments.
    This is an hypothetical situation which should never happen. I feel what India is planning is a massive 250 billion dollar military modernisation and expansion in 10 years which will force Pakistan to respond in kind trying to buy expensive military equipment and bankrupt themself.

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