If you are sentenced to prison, what if you are paying off your house and monthly bills?

Mudassir Ali
Jan 16, 2020 07:42 AM 0 Answers
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If you are sentenced to prison, what if you are paying off your house and monthly bills?

Mudassir Ali
- Jan 16, 2020 07:42 AM

Too bad so sad.

When I was 9 years old, I was out for a run with my dad, and a blue sedan pulled up to ask my father for directions. To our (more so his) surprise, they were looking for our home. They must’ve recognized him because one of the men got out and put my dad in handcuffs, then they put the both of us in the back. We drove back to our house. When we got back to our house, I ran inside terrified, and they took my dad to jail. My father was indicted and found guilty of tax, wire, and multiple other types of fraud. Not only did my parents have bills, the government took all of my parents’ money.

My mother had never really worked since my father made great money (over a million a year) and she was forced to start cleaning houses. We moved in with my dad’s brother where we lived for the next 10 years. My father was in prison for almost eight years and shipped all over the country. I didn’t see him for over a year sometimes.

Going from wealthy to dirt poor overnight was extremely confusing for me and traumatic for my family. We had also just moved to this house the day before he was arrested. My dad says they must’ve followed the moving trucks when we moved from California to Pennsylvania. I obviously had no idea any of this stuff was happening, but I’ve had to pay the price for it along with my mother and siblings. I don’t blame the government, though. When you cheat the system or break the law, you are putting your entire family at risk. Don’t set a bomb off in your family’s lives because you’re trying to soothe your ego

To answer your question though, the answer is too bad, so sad.

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