If you could choose 100 soldiers from any one country, which country would you choose?

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  1. As a person living in Karachi who dreams of a unified India, I can assure you that Pakistani textbooks are a significant propaganda tool that this state utilizes.

    As an ethnic Bengali, It hurts me to say that the books never mentioned the atrocities it committed on East Pakistan, how the establishment of Pakistan tried to suppress Bengali language and how the Pakistani forces raped and murdered thousands of Bengali women.

    Pakistani textbooks also conveniently forgot to mention the forced ‘accession’ of Baluchistan and NWFP, the massacre of Hindus and Sikhs, the training and armament of Taliban and the ethnic cleansing of Hazara Shias and Ahmadis.

    Gandhi is one of the most respected Indians here. He is widely regarded as the champion of secularism. Something that Pakistani establishment uses as a propaganda against Modi. As for Bhagat Singh, he is a Hindu freedom fighter and nothing else

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