If you shot a burglar in your house and then called 911, what should you do before the police arrived?

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  1. If he is dead….

    OK, immediately after the 911 call, unload the gun and put it in a closet or drawer. You don’t need to be shot when the cops show up. They sometimes get the information wrong, and may think you are the bad guy. Check to make sure you are not hurt. Call an attorney. When the police show up tell them where the bad guy is. When they come back to you to get your story or information, tell them that you have an attorney. Don’t answer any questions relating to the shooting.

    If the guy is alive, I would recommend you go outside and put the gun down, and move away from the house until the cops arrive. Make sure you are not hurt. Call your attorney. When the cops show up, you can wave to them and try to get their attention. Tell them where the bad guy is. After they make sure everyone is safe, you can tell them you have an attorney. Don’t answer any questions.

    In either of these cases, do not try to touch the crime scene or make the shooting appear more legitimate; the bad guy was in your house. Let your attorney guide you.

    Addendum: As comments correctly point out, do not be tricked into talking if you are threatened, arrested, or interrogated. Repeat that you have an attorney and won’t talk without having him/her present. Your attorney will protect you, and you will get the facts out.

    I am not an attorney and this is not legal advice, it is what I would do.

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