Does India have a national sport?

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Does India have a national sport?

Muhammad Zeeshan
- Aug 02, 2019 12:11 PM

Ankur Shah’s answer to What is the national game of India?

What is the National Game in India?

Ohhhhhnoooo…It’s very surprising for me….NO

“Till the date, I know that Hockey is our National Game”

Ohhhhhnoooo…It’s very surprising for me….NO

Our country has no National Game…!!!

Some Days before I wrote an Answer on Quora, on that and I received a Comment of Mr Gurdhian Singh that Hockey is not our National Game…when I see that comment I was surprised and think what the foolish is this and I reply to him ” so, please tell us what is the National Game Of India” and after that I think let’s check on Google and I type on Google “national game of India”…on the first look I see Hockey..on the right side I again see Hockey players and written note Hockey…

And now I was sure and be confident that Mr Gurdhian Singh was wrong…but after few minis, again I received a comment from Mr Gurdhian Singh “India has no National game so far, earlier it was hockey. But since Pakistan has the national game, so our so-called leaders decided to not retain hockey as the national game.”

Then I thought what is this yaar and I again go on Google I search “National Game of India” in I first look I again see Hockey but when I again see then I was totally shocked the word “Hockey is not our National Game : Ministry – Times Of India ” Ohhhh what a fu*k…

And I found that Our Country Have No National Game…I was totally surprised that we read and hear from our childhood that Hockey is our National Game but no…when I reached home I thought Chalo Maidam(my wife) se purchase hai ” (let’s ask with my wife) and I ask her to do you what is the National Game Of India..within a second she sad “Hockey” and I tell her to think again and she again sad “Hockey” and then again I tell take a 10 minutes time and again think then she told me KYA MAZAK HAI YE TUMKO LAGTA HAI MAINE KUCH PADA HI NAHI HAI (it’s a joke, what you think I am illiterate) and then I told her that till the day we are wrong Hockey is not our National Game…and after that I ask this question to so many persons and every person say Hockey

Then again I search on Google and I found an article on TOI :

India won six consecutive hockey gold medals at Olympics between 1928 and 1956. It is our national game and that’s why whenever the men in blue show their dribbling skill on the green turf at a Games venue, out heart goes out to them. Not just the sports buffs but students in every school have at some point of time learnt these facts. Now, it’s time, however for some unlearning.

Hockey is not the national game of the country! And the revelation has come straight from the Union ministry of youth affairs. The ministry says that the country does not have a national game as no game has been notified as such.

The ministry has sports disciplines put into different categories. Hockey is one of the priority disciplines but it is not a national game.

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