What are some inspirational stories of Sahaba?

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What are some inspirational stories of Sahaba?

Every single bit of the Companions of the Prophet’s beautiful lives has invaluable lessons to be learnt from.

As the famous Urdu poet Allama Iqbal had said:

اگر چاہوں تو نقشہ کھینچ کر الفاظ میں رکھ دوں

مگر تیرے تخیل سے فزوں تر ہے وہ نظارا

“Had I wished, I could have drawn their picture in words,

But it would have been beyond the comprehension of your imagination.”

Weeks rolled by and still there was no sign of any withdrawal of the enemy. The siege looked final.

Increasing rate of enemy soldiers breaking through and attacking the Muslims further escalated the tensions.

Situated exactly between two .

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