Is America going to collapse?

Mudassir Ali
Apr 14, 2020 03:46 PM 0 Answers
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Is America going to collapse?

Mudassir Ali
- Apr 14, 2020 03:46 PM

The United States of America is a nation. Most nations have already clocked 4 digits on the good ‘ol age-o-meter (1000+ years old for those who aren’t good at English slang). England, France, Egypt, China, Japan, I can go on.

The present United States government is over 200 years old. While that is unlikely to last for centuries beyond the present point without at least some serious change, it will be replaced with something. Too many people identify themselves as American. There is too much shared culture and history for the country to split apart without hope of reunion.

Many people, for some dumb reason, compare the United States to the Roman Empire. Rome was a continent spanning multi-cultural empire that used military force to hold together the whole thing. The actual Romans were a minority in the empire, and most corners of the empire had no direct loyalty to the central government, or a desire to remain in the same nation together.

The United States is populated predominately by its citizens, who adhere to its culture and speak its language. What nation-states could it even split off?

A far better example for the catastrophe minded would be France:

Monarchist France in the 18th century. It had fought a series of expensive and largely unsuccessful wars. It was growing increasingly closer to bankruptcy. It was slowly losing its hold on its overseas empire. Its government was in the hands of incompetent elites. Its population was getting gradually poorer, except for the courtiers. It was struggling to keep up with a major change in economics due to technology. The concerns of the average citizen were increasingly ignored.

Sound familiar?

In short, the French Monarchy collapsed, and a period of anarchy ensued, but the French nation survived. It recovered its position as a respected and powerful nation.

Short of nuclear annihilation, I pretty much guarantee the United States would have the same ultimate result.

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