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  1. Yes, and soon. The next time you go to a job interview and are asked “Where do you see yourself in five years?”, you can truthfully answer the following:

    “Scrambling through smouldering rubble and mountains of human skulls, armed with a baseball bat that has a nail driven through it, desperately fighting off other starving scavengers trying to get their hands on my meagre cache of tinned food and ratmeat. A steady rhythm of gunshots and explosions assails my ears as cartels, neo-nazis, gangs, survivalist militia and North Korean soldiers fight eachother to control the ruins of a once proud nation. I take refuge behind the counter in a burned-out Denny’s, prize open the lid of some canned beans with a discarded bayonet and look up through the holes in the roof at a nightmarish sky filled with smoke, chemtrails and killer bees. I hear the distant crackle of a radio – something about President Hillary Clinton begging China and Russia to send in peacekeeping forces.”

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