Is beer good for health?

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Beer is one of the oldest and most sold alcoholic drinks around the world. Believe me, it’s the third most chosen drink overall after water and tea.
Question is, is it good for you or not?
Like most things, it has its advantages and disadvantages. You have to decide for yourself.

The Benefits of Beer

First, let’s take a look at certain benefits of Beer.
It is a rich source of vitamins, minerals, and flavonoids. It might be difficult for you to absorb the fact, still, that’s accurate.
Beer contains the fine quality of B-group vitamins and minerals such as magnesium. The barley and hops used in the making of beer are rich in flavonoids, which have great antioxidant effects.
Secondly, the drink helps lower the risk of coronary heart disease (CHD). Various tests tell us that light-to-moderate alcohol consumption has cardio-protective properties. These studies prove that moderate beer drinkers are at least risk to face a lower coronary heart disease occurrence.

Other than that, the vitamin B6 in beer seems to check the alcohol-induced rise in blood homocysteine, a possible heart disease risk factor.
It helps in the manufacture of good cholesterol. Rational alcohol drinking positively affects many internal processes of the body. One of the benefits is with the significant increase in HDL cholesterol—the good cholesterol.

As good news for people suffering from Kidney Stones, Beer consumption may well help them eliminate their Kidney Stones. At the same time, it can reduce the risk of developing kidney stones to a greater level.
Japanese researchers have recently found that beer helps decrease chromosomal damage from radiation exposure.

The Negative Effects of Drinking Beer:

Drinking Beer in a sufficient amount can offer you a lot of benefits, though its excess consumption can lead you to many health problems.
Some of the negative effects you may expect from excessive beer drinking:

Heavy beer drinking may possibly be the reason for abdominal obesity, in other words, “beer belly”. The problem is mostly seen in men.
Beer contains great stimulants of gastric acid secretion and may possibly incite gastroesophageal reflux and thus causing heartburn.
It may be the reason for high blood pressure. In case, you are taking in enough quantity of beer on a daily basis (roughly 50 g of alcohol or more), you are giving an invitation to high blood pressure.

Over consumption of alcohol can be a reason for dehydration. Along with that, it reduces activities of the central nervous system. Altogether, the condition can become the reason for dehydration, intoxication, and hangover.
No matter how much less you have consumed alcohol, still you can face adverse effects on attention and motor skills. In fact, many of the serious road accidents are alcohol-related.

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