Is Chief Justice Saqib Nisar the best justice in Pakistan’s history?

Mudassir Ali
Jan 08, 2020 11:35 AM 0 Answers
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Is Chief Justice Saqib Nisar the best justice in Pakistan's history?

Mudassir Ali
- Jan 08, 2020 11:35 AM

After he took the P.C.O oath under a dictator validating his unlawfull rule lawfull he now had the chance to repent for his past grave mistake by nulifying the P.C.O of musharaf void; but he he did no such thing. But as soon as he achieved the highest station for which he sacrificed his integrity and morales he changed course. He took upon himself to weaken the executive and channel its powers to one already powerfull institution; the cost of which the whole nation will pay including who defend his actions soon enough. Alas! Only if he could have concentrated in reforming the institute of judiciary and rooted out corruption, slow dispensation of if not justice then atleast verdicts; then it might have attoned for taking the P.C.O oath so eagerly. But he did no such thing, without batting a eye still he is bent upon interfering in the affairs where ethically he shouldnt have a say before putting his own house in order. 1.8 million cases needs to be tackled by judiciary and thier chief has all the luxury of taking up the crusade of building dams.

Ironically he publically demanded from a estate tycoon to donate 1 trillion for his cause of dam fund which in other words hinted that if the tycoon would provide 1 trillion then he would be let off the hook for all the wrong doings of his but if he did not, then his case would be heard on merits. What a smooth way of legalising corruption in the name of a good cause.

Everything that which needs to be sorted which concerns executive, highest judiciary seems to have the answers to them; in form of sou moto notice and contempt of court. Did the chief justice honestly thought of ordering the defence budget reviewed by the parliament fair and freely(unlike the elections)?

So the jist of the matter is; that like any powerfull individual he is bent upon strengthning only one already powerfull institute at the cost of law, justice, peoples rights, constitution and ultimately state itself. Will he be wanting to have all this on his concience and leave it all as his legacy?

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