Is China safe for Japanese tourists?


Is China safe for Japanese tourists?

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  1. Generally, it’s safe for all tourists.

    I take that you’re a Japanese. There’re several rules you must bear in mind:

    Don’t display/wave rising sun flag. A lot of Chinese people will take offence. It’s equivalent to the German Nazi flag used extensively before and during WW2.
    Try to learn some Chinese language (Mandarin) and communicate with the locals.
    Show your appreciation/interest in their culture. Same like tip no.2, Chinese people will appreciate it.
    Don’t bring topics about Diaoyu/Senkaku island.
    Most importantly, in case you’re visiting Nanjing, as it was one of the places in China faced the most horrible moments in the upper 1930s: Nanjing Massacre which took place on December 13th 1937. The Japanese military made the massive killings of Chinese civilians (men, women, children, elderly, unarmed Chinese soldiers etc.). Do show some high respect and sympathy especially at the memorial war museum. Even if you have not thoroughly taught in Japanese school
    Enjoy your time!

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