Is China very poor?

Mudassir Ali
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Mudassir Ali
- Feb 29, 2020 06:42 AM

Originally Answered: is China very poor?
The answer is Yes. Unlike other people who born in the east China, the most

developed place in China.

I was born in Guangxi which in the southwest China. Guangxi may not be the poorest province in China,but it is also the bottom. When I was young, I never felt like I was poor. My parents always satisfy my little wish, I am very happy. When I went to Tianjin to go to college, I found that our family really can not compare with others. But the material difference doesn’t make me feel special. My parents may not have too much money, but at least it is fairly well-off.

I saw a lot of people in their answers to show a lot of photos. In fact, in my hometown, the situation is more painful than photos. When I was young, I went to the countryside with my aunt. I saw real poverty, I’ve never forgotten those scenes.

Guangxi is a mountainous province. In the past, children in the mountains of Guangxi need to take two hours to go to school.Their classroom is simple and crude, air leaks, even without the desk. At that time, it was almost impossible to get out of the mountains.

Their only way out is to go to college and live in a big city in the east. Even so, many people drop out of school because of poverty.

But things are much better now. I went back to sweep tombs last year in Qingming Festival. I saw a new school in the county, it is clean and bright. My father told me that this is the fifth primary school. All the students in the school were children from countryside.

In order to enable all children to complete the nine year compulsory education, the government has even built a new residential area for the families of these children

.It’s not just in my hometown or in Guangxi, the government’s accurate poverty alleviation policy is now being implemented in China.

Sorry, I don’t have any pictures. But China is still very poor,in the central and western regions of China. The life of the poor is not better than that of the European refugees. China still has 70 million poor people, is three times the number of refugees in Europe.

To solve these problems, the Chinese government and the Chinese people still have a long way to go. And poverty is not the only problem plaguing China. Air pollution, food safety, homeland security, aging of population, shortage of resources, these issues are not unfamiliar to you, right?

China’s economy is large, but China is a developing country.We have a lot of problems to solve.

So, those NGO people, please don’t help the African illegals hiding. Illegal immigrants should be sent home. Their existence has caused great security problems to China and China has no energy and no obligation to help them.

Provide them a house, provide them the opportunity to learn, provide them the opportunity to work, provide them with social security which is the responsibility and obligation of their motherland, not China.

The Chinese government is still busy saving the poor in China. China does not export wars, killings and poverty. China just wants all Chinese people to live a happy life. Chinese people worked hard for thirty years to become the world’s second largest economy in order to be able to make their country better. Not for the illegal immigrants to enjoy.

So when NGO accused I’m cold, I will tell them the story of my hometown. The children in the mountains who have never had their own new clothes. Those people are China have the duty to help rather than a smuggler.

Yes, China is very poor. But we are working to improve the situation. As long as some people do not act, then China will complete this task, so that all people live a well-off life

Mudassir Ali
- Feb 29, 2020 06:42 AM

Yes! We are very poor!

In the early years, the kind-hearted Taiwanese media concerned about China once told us that Chinese people can’t afford tea boiled eggs (a breakfast snack, about $0.30). Now we have made great progress! We can afford tea eggs. But we still can’t afford mustard (a pickled vegetable, $0.15 a bag) and Erguotou liquor (a cheap wine). They prove China’s poverty through detailed data and come to a reliable conclusion that Chinese consumption is declining.

(translate:When [the economy] is good, the lower middle class in mainland China do have a good life, because they all eat pickled noodles and pickled vegetables)

(shares of Fuling pickled mustard dropped sharply during this period. What do its mean? It means that people in mainland China can’t even afford mustard! This is a huge warning!)

(translate:Taiwanese give their love to you! We don’t use nuclear power, because we use love to generate electricity!)

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