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  1. Um……yes……ish?

    The Doctor has her sonic, which is an incredibly useful multi-tool that has been used to examine cadavers, as well as assess (and, occasionally, if I’m not much mistaken, heal) injuries.

    He’s incredibly bright, and has worked alongside some of the world’s (and, indeed, the universe’s) brightest minds. One tends to pick things up, in such circumstances.

    And when someone is hurt, the Doctor’s first instinct is always gonna be to help. She’s usually quite good at it. And, I believe she HAS studied medicine (along with a vast multitude of other subjects) during her long and eventful lives.

    Indeed, during Dinosaurs on a Spaceship, we see Eleven acting as a medical Doctor, being coerced into operating on Solomon, who suffered injuries while taking the ship and killing its (less valuable) occupants.

    Of course, Solomon later makes the grave mistake of murdering a dinosaur (just to be an ass) and taking one of the Doctor’s friends captive (with some pretty nasty implications of what would happen to her) so he doesn’t end up surviving the encounter. But the Doctor DID heal him, before ultimately making sure he dead.

    Good riddance to bad rubbish, but still. It’s one of the few instances I can remember of the Doctor directly operating as a traditional doctor would.

    But again; any time someone is hurt, out comes the sonic. And the Doctor is usually the one who fixes them, if fixing is possible.

    I’d say Rory and Martha take the cake though, if we’re talking the traditional application of the term.

    The Doctor excels, really, at diagnosing (and trying to heal) the situations she finds herself in. And, throughout the series, I’d say we see him in more of a councilor, or a psychologist, role.

    It’s remarkable how often he’s just what’s needed to help people (especially her companions) grow and change and become more fully themselves.

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