Is drop shipping still viable?


Is drop shipping still viable?

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  1. Originally Answered: Is drop shipping a viable business?
    Dropshipping is both easy and difficult to sustain and implement. On the one hand, it allows you to run the business from anywhere, at pretty low costs, enabling you to avoid getting involved in a hands-on way, while on the other hand it comes with plenty of risks, many of which reside in the fact that you are surrendering key-operations to your supplier.

    However, as long as you manage to find a reliable supplier, identify a great niche, consider all the hard facts about it and be willing to treat it as a real business, dropshipping is definitely a business model that can be just as successful in 2019 as it has been all these past years.


    Startup Cost can be as low as $0.
    Market Share is not fully known.
    Widespread Adoption globally practiced.
    Future Outlook expected to grow.
    Also known as Supplier Direct Fulfillment or Vendor Direct Fulfillment.
    6. When going into dropshipping, you must also be aware that the profit margin won’t be hitting 30% as the case is with large retailers, but will stay more along the lines of 15%, if you are lucky.

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