Is Imran Khan really a source of hope for Pakistan


Is Imran Khan really a source of hope for Pakistan

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  1. When all options are tried and tested, the newest guy becomes the only option. So Imran Khan gets a lot of the benefit of the doubt.

    But his admirers need to be careful.

    IK was a totally new guy in election 2013. But in election 2018, Imran Khan has been partially tested in government and in public life. He does have problems. He’s too centralized. He sometimes can’t choose the right people to head his party in provinces. His choices in Sindh were disastrous for the party. He’s a one-track person, unable to follow multiple projects simultaneously, which you have to do in government.

    So, could be the only option since everyone else has been tried but he’s got issues.

    And then he has this strange problem of getting married whenever the country is going through something important, and then he makes a mess out of it.

  2. Now that it’s established that, he is actually people’s man, let’s look at other attributes. His western education and cricket career has given him ample opportunity to understand various cultures. It’s important for a leader to have a clear world view, at various occasions he has dared the hate monger and rejected to tow their line of hating India, he understands challenges as they are, he understands that problem of Pakistan is lack of strong democratic government.

    His political party Pakistan tehrik-e-insaf (PTI) has grown stronger over the years and now it’s a force to reckon with.

    We in India would love to see him coming to power as he is perhaps only Pakistani leader who is respected here. I hope he survives his ascension to power and I not gunned down by some fanatics like salman taseer, Bhutto etc.

    As he is only hope of Pakistan for democracy.

  3. Let’s not talk about the failure of Hundred-Day plan (it was promised to provide one million houses and jobs to underserved and youngsters, but HOW it will be done was always inconclusive even the “revolutionary” government hadn’t had any idea about that) and tremendous decline in Pakistani Rupee value ($1=145Rs).

    And the list goes on. Even a single claim that he made before elections was not met by any of his actions. We are still watching what is happening around and where we are heading towards. Government Officials just appear on media and talk about what opposition parties do and how government is going to tackle them, they never ever talk about “what they are going to deliver and what plans they are indulged in to improve current situation.”

    A sensible Pakistani knows that no train service can run parallel to the speed of light and no hen, chicken and “Kattay” can ensure our economical survival. Such claims do nothing but make us feel ashamed for supporting “change” and “naya Pakistan.”

    Disclaimer: some PTI supporters will never admit this because of intellectual and emotional irregularities that are typically common in follower ship and fandom 🙂

  4. He is just good at:

    Having professional photoshoots while offering prayer, eating “sasta” (cheap-priced) nashtaa, wearing “phatti hui kameez”, and reading Quaid’s books wearing goggles.
    Communicating optimistic “thoughts” whenever he finds a fair chance. For instance, he will be introducing train service that runs more than the speed of light. He will provide hens and chickens to the nation, which is the best plan to uplift economy.
    Taking U-turns. For instance, before elections: I will die before licking IMFs boots for begging further laon. After elections: here you go:

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