Is Imran Khan the lowest ranked PM of Pakistan so far?

Mudassir Ali
Jan 11, 2020 11:59 AM 1 Answers
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Is Imran Khan the lowest ranked PM of Pakistan so far?

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Sep 30, 2021

Unfortunately, to the dismay of questioner. It is completely other way around with Imran Khan. He is one of the two dynamic prime ministers in the 72 years of history of Pakistan.

Although, it has been a little over one year, since he came to power. But, he has already demonstrated his ability successfully in internal matters, such as, to improve country’s economy, crack down on corruption, improvement in tax collection, improvement in Law & order, improvement in the field of education, reduced imports, and improved exports, stronger initiative towards CPEC, and including a number of new development projects, constructed two new hydropower stations, injected both foreign and internal investments, construction of road network to link whole of country etc. He is a true Muslim, who follows the Islamic ideology of Sufism. He respects and cares about all the minorities, as all great Sufi saints did. He seeks to protect the rights of Pakistan’s all minorities. His efforts towards Kartarpur corridor are unforgettable by everybody across the world. Every single person appreciated his efforts regardless of his or her religion. He seeks to demolish religious barriers between people. He seeks to demolish border lines. He is an honest man towards everybody. He is a true man of ALLAH PAK,who has a deep pain for the people of all religions. On contrary to Khan sahaib. What his Highness SHRI NARENDAR MODI JI saheb doing in suppose to be secular BAHARAT MATTA JEE is completely opposite of it.

Now, to his success on external policy, known to be, foreign policy. What he has achieved on foreign plateform within one year of his arrival in power, is not unknown to people around the world.

His self pride was closely observed in him, when he engaged himself with America regarding different matters. His recent relentless efforts over Kashmir at UN. He raised Kashmir issue at UN in such a manner that the whole of world became aware of it. He exposed the atrocities committed by indian half a million Army against totally defenceless Kashmiries. He is the first leader among Islamic world, since 9/11/2001 incident, who publicly exposed America for its hypocrisy against Pakistan during Afghan War, and thereafter. USA might dislike him, but, its entire political establishment do know about him this much that he is an honest man. He doesn’t bow to anybody other than his creator. He is not a stooge as all other were.

Finally, his Highness SHRI NARENDAR MODI JI saheb has felt more pain of his criticism than anybody else. Khan saheb is simply a winner of all humans hearts, as his all Masters Sufiees and all 10 GURU SAHBAHNS were.
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