Is India moving forward a complete lock down due to the Corona virus?

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  1. I wouldn’t say complete breakdown but yes it is slightly moving towards complete lockdown if it’s not curbed in upcoming 30 days. After 30 days India is going to enter stage 3.

    Let me explain all the 3 stages

    Stage 1: In this stage foreign tourist arriving India with positive cases. It haven’t yet affected the local people.

    Stage 2: Recently a person aged around 45 years have been tested positive while he came to India from other countries and he was coming in contact with various people and affecting only near ones and a small group of people.

    Stage 3: Till stage 2 it was restricted only to a small group now in this stage it has started affecting a large community and area and now several measures are being taken to stop it from entering to stage 4.

    Stage : This stage is serious. This stage can be understood with example of China and Italy. It is now epidemic. People are getting affected on a large scale.

    I am living in Patna and here the Impact can be seen clearly all the local shops , Coaching Centres, Malls , Restaurants have been shut down till next order.

    Student living in lodges are ordered to vacate the lodge immediately by Police officials. As a result students are forced to leave and go home. All the major exams have been cancelled.

    This is the noticed posted in our lodge.

    Student leaving for their home.

    Image source: My gallery

    Thank You:))

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