Is India prepared to fight coronaviruses?

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  1. Yes. India is prepared to fight Corona Virus.
    The first case of corona virus was confirmed on 30 Jan 2020 in Kerala. In February (on 2nd and 3rd) 2 more cases were confirmed, also from Kerala. All the 3 patients had history of travel. Since then the quarantine and isolation measures have been robust in the country.
    It is only from the beginning of March that the number of patients tested positive for Corona have been increasing. Most of them were travellers (especially Italy, Dubai, Saudi Arabia)who returned to India in the month of February. Eventually the new cases reported from 10th of March are the contacts of those tested positive in previous 10 days.

    Fig1. the number of new cases tested positive for Corona virus in the month of March excluding the 17 foreign nationals.
    Mind you this is a graph of new cases and not the total number of cases. Based on this my prediction is there will be increase in number of new positives in the next few days (maybe 4 days) as all the contacts are being tested.
    How India is prepared?

    1. Entry point checking (for symptoms) – quarantine, isolation
    2. People arriving from infected countries are advised home isolation
    3. The locality of the person tested positive for the disease is sanitised and going in lockdown.
    4. Contact tracing of the person tested positive
    5. All traced contacts are advised isolation and their samples are collected for testing. (Laboratories are working double shift as the sample load is very high).
    6. Communication: The state leaders are keeping the people informed. Panic is being addressed too.
    7. IEC (Information, Education and Communication): Awareness on preventive measures is being dispensed in the available media.
    8. Lockdown: There is partial lockdown in major cities. gatherings are being discouraged. Bollywood movie releases, sports events are being postponed.

    One would think, the spread of the infection would be higher than what it is now, given the country is overcrowded. I can dare to say that unlike most countries, India has taken this pandemic seriously even from the very beginning.
    Not only the prevention part, the treatment of the cases is also given same importance. The first 3 Patients tested positive from Kerala have recovered. (As have few other patients.)
    Yes the 2 deaths that have occurred are disheartening and unfortunate. Both of them were above 60 years of age with co-morbidities.
    All in all, in the previous few years, our country has been prepared for disasters. i noticed in first during Hud-hud cyclone. then came the NIPAH outbreak.
    Also, my visit to the National Institute of Virology and interaction with people working there gave me so much confidence about our country’s abilities. This shows that India is prepared even before the disaster strikes.

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