Is Iran a safe country?

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Originally Answered: Is Iran a dangerous country?
Short answer:

Yes, unless you are explicitly associated with an American or Israeli spy network!


There are always two sides to every story.

Iran is a rich country from the aspect of natural resources and it is considered one of the most strategic places on Earth. It has always taken a defensive military stance and yet many nations planned for its conquest throughout history.

Terrorism, is all you hear about Iran in the news. The media wants you to think that everyone else is either a terrorist or a communist (and definitely not a neo-cough-liberal-cough-ist). But in fact Iran has it all.

Iran is a developed country with a unique culture which is run by a theocratic government which by world standards is a brand of domestic mild political terrorism with a subtle flavor of unspeakable communism. IRGC holds most of the politics and economy and the common people make the ends meet. Human rights, freedom of religion, speech, etc. are but a joke (a good one indeed), however there are many benefits for the majority such as government services, low tax, big subsidies and cheap labor costs (which makes living in Iran way too easy … for a while)

Why West fears Iran?

After the Islamic revolution, Iran didn’t want western influence so it got isolated, but it’s been maintaining its power grip outside of its borders. It supports militia groups against US’s interests.

US, Russia and Iran with their different ideologies have been fighting for domination and stability in Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Palestine, and each and every time the real terrorists backed by US’s allies create destability and hell breaks loose.

Long story short, people don’t want foreign dominance but government wants at all costs.

World records:

Please read: Global Terrorism Index 2018

Ironically US, UK, France, China and Russia are far more dangerous than Iran as you can see in the report. From a conservative view, Iran is one of the safest tourism destinations on the planet.

It’s true that the Iranian politicians are shmocks! but hey! who isn’t!?

How safe is Iran?

Just about as safe as any other place. The government arresting random people on the street is just a funny myth. If you heard about cruelty of the police in Iran be sure that you were missing some crucial info in that story.

The fact is: if you don’t actively and publicly act against the law or the religion, then Iran would be one of the safest, cheapest, most hospitable and most rewarding countries for you to travel to.

The worst things about Tehran are its heavy traffic during rush hours and air pollution during autumn and winter.

Street Violence

There have been many protests going on from time to time, and the regime usually arrests some of the protesters when things get violent or politically or religiously threatening. From time to time, the anti-riot police shoots the protesters and almost all Iranians know the sad stories about the big protests inside the universities.

Here are some of the most important things you should know:

Credit cards don’t work.

There is a dress code. (women must at least partially cover their hair and hands and legs, No-shorts or Tops for men is allowed)

Women and men aren’t supposed to cuddle, kiss or dance in the public. (handshake or a brief hug is OK but frowned upon)

Alcohol, Pork and being Gay are illegal!

The police is not a fan of Heavy Metal music and the flag of US, UK and Israel!

You can’t fly a drone (quadcopter) over the cities without a permit.

You can’t put up surveillance cameras (even in the nature).

The police expect every citizen to respect mainstream religion, the leader or the regime in the presence of government officials.

As a foreigner just don’t make a big political, sexual or religious scene!

Armed Attacks:

People don’t own guns in Iran. Except for some non-hostile nomad tribes who use guns for their own protection.

There have been some terrorist attacks in Iran as well as every other country, all of which were related to Islam, but they appear less often compared to almost every other countries – Category:Islamic terrorist incidents

List of Terrorist Attacks:

A passenger air-plane shot by a US navy missile in 1988 (which president Bush never apologized for!) – Iran Air Flight 655 – Wikipedia

A car bombing on Feb 2007 in Zahedan by ISIL targeting members of IRGC – 2007 Zahedan bombings – Wikipedia

A suicide bombing on July 2010 in a mosque in Zahedan targeting members of IRGC – 2010 Zahedan bombings – Wikipedia

A mass shooting by ISIL on June 2017 in the Parliament followed by a suicide bombing in Mausoleum outside of Tehran – 2017 Tehran attacks – Wikipedia

A mass shooting on Sep 2018 in a military parade in Ahvaz – Ahvaz military parade attack – Wikipedia

Numerous anti-riot police attacks on Iranian citizens. (1979-present)

Here’s a useful Tip:

There is a higher chance that you will be hit by a meteorite than by a terrorist attack in Iran.

The most possible scenario in which someone might get hurt in Iran is to get hit by a car! The driving is crazy! It’s better to stick to local people when you want to cross a street!

Also be warned that some motorcyclists can rob your phone in an instant.

The people are super-friendly, they are famous for their outstanding hospitality. They would stop and talk to you about anything and help you out whenever possible, they even may invite you to their homes for dinner, or take you for a ride in their cars. There is a huge percentage of the population with an academic background and they most likely can speak English.

Iran is not a dangerous country, however, you can get yourself in trouble (like any other places) if you don’t know what you’re doing or where you’re going. You can walk the streets with your headphones on and feel safe. Or you can get yourself lost in the downtown at midnight and get robbed in a dead-end alley!


If you’re still thinking Iran is the center of chaos in the world, talk to people who have been there or read articles written by them; like this amazing blog post 25 Reasons Why I Love Tehran – My Persian Corner. There are tons of YouTube videos from tourism’s point of view which are worth watching.

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