Is it possible that Malaysia would fight in a war with Singapore and lose?

Mudassir Ali
Feb 12, 2020 05:10 AM 0 Answers
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Mudassir Ali
- Feb 12, 2020 05:10 AM

Hi Malaysian here, I have had the opportunity with dealing with members of our armed forces (navy) and I can tell you that the people that I have dealt with are professionals.

In terms of war with Singapore. No., we will not go to war with them. You might be surprised but we are allies with Singapore. Sure, we do spat with them, but they would be the first person to help us (and we them).

With respect to your other comments. The Malaysian armed forces are a professional group. I would not underestimate their professional and war fighting capability. When we were fighting the communists, it was Malaysian service men and women who defended this country. When we had a disagreement with Indonesia during the confrontation era, it was Malaysian service men and women who also defended the country. Lastly, we do have arrangements with countries such as Britain, Australia, new Zealand through the 5 power defence grouping.

Malaysia is not a belligerent nation. We prefer to work with surrounding countries. I think this is Malaysia’s strength. No good has come to any country in war. The countries in SE Asia and I believe, the rest of Asia, also subscribe to this notion. That being said, countries will invest in their armed forces for a simple reason, safety of navigation and to ensure that their respective sovereign rights are protected. No country will bend over backwards to let another country bully it.

I’m not sure on what basis you’re saying their systems are outdated. A military person would be able to answer that part of your statement conclusively but if you’re comparing Malaysia’s defence system against US, then I would probably say yes. But that is because US would not sell their top of the line items to any country willy nilly.

Last but not least, military procurement is part military decision and part political decision. Watch the movie “Pentagon Wars”. I’m sure military purchasers are familiar with the going ons in military purchase and that happened in the mighty US of A! (note, the movie was based out of a book that detailed the real life experience of the bradley tank). So if some weapons are not working, it is not singularly the fault of the military.

But they are indeed well trained and they have good soldiers and officers. Now, if you met some soldiers who are not up to mark, then you have to realise that in any organization, you will encounter some people who are not good but the majority are good. This is true in any organization (military or not).

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