Is it possible that the recent China coronavirus outbreak is a bio attack?

Mudassir Ali
Mar 04, 2020 11:10 AM 0 Answers
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Mudassir Ali
- Mar 04, 2020 11:10 AM

Bats are known to carry diseases.

And that’s just two examples. China has some weird eating habits, and it’s no surprise that a new virus shows up every now and then.

Mudassir Ali
- Mar 04, 2020 11:11 AM

Originally Answered: Do you think Corona virus is part of a bio warfare strategy waged against China?

I want to skip the concept of bio-warfare against China because there is absolutely no evidence of it. What is more there is suspicion that China which has germ warfare lab in Wuhan that it might be an escaped virus from the lab. Now I am not subscribing to the lab being the problem either because so far there is no data to support that idea either. Just remember that there is the possibility of an accidental escape from the lab so if anything it wouldn’t be Warfare against China, it would be their local activity. But since we have no data, this is just noted as a possibility.

The virus we are facing is essentially the SARS virus from 2003. It isn’t exactly it. It would be expected by the normal changes over time to be some different. This is similar to our ongoing normal variations in the Flu virus that give us a different Flu every year.

Like the Flu we are looking at a family of virus in the Coronavirus. In fact the term Coronavirus is a family of virus term just like Flu so it may be varied some and still be the Coronavirus.

Since I noted the SARS virus in 2003 I suppose I should cover how the SARS Virus was defeated. I was involved in the defeat. I you must understand am RN and I wrote the report for the US CIA that gave them the way to beat the SARS epidemic.

This is a bit of a detective story but I laid out how to follow it down to causes. The story for me begins in a trip to Vancouver BC. I visited family there who were living in one of the very tall High Rise buildings in Eastern Vancouver BC that has been built for people after the Diaspora from Hong Kong in 1999. I saw it in 2000.

I must describe a flat. The flat in that building was approximately 500 square feet and had 3 people living in it. This represents what in US terms would be an extreme efficiency or very small apartment. It was to them quite large. The ceiling in the building was 2 meters or about 6 feet and 6 inches high. The distance from the toilet to food prep surface was about 1 meter or about 3 feet. Due to weather and climate the building was extremely “tight” in air flow.When I walked because I am 6 feet 2 inches tall it was impossible for me to take a standard stride and not bump my head on the ceiling.

I observed this building at the time and immediately considered it to be unsafe for human habitation. The building was so tight and so small that fecal oral transmission was certain to happen. Droplets from the toilet would certainly infect food! Air flow was so low that droplets would have nowhere to go but to cause trouble. The tight nature of the building also prevented UV from the sun from sterilizing the building interior.

In 2003 I noted that SARS was occuring in the locations where the Diaspora from Hong Kong had happened. I also quickly noted it was not occuring much in the non Chinese population. It also was not occuring in Chinese populations in the USA to any frequency. This told me that my observation of that building was very important. It also told me more information in that it was clearly behavior and genetics related to causing trouble with Chinese people.

I cannot state too strongly that this was contained in the report to the CIA. As a result the Public Health people in China and the various other nations as well were directed to investigate buildings. They found about 12 major buildings world wide that were having serious problems with their plumbing which were condemned and I presume others fixed and they got rid of the SARS epidemic.

Clearly the current epidemic will not be exactly the same. It always varies some but the basic issue is identical. Now if you are someone seeking to fix this like a public health person or if you are just a person trying to stay healthy this covers the whole issue. Coronavirus is a Sanitation and Racial issue. Clearly Chinese people are more at risk. But in the end it will all come down to Hygiene and Sanitation. This epidemic will most likely be defeated at the plumbing level and with hand washing.

Sanitation does need addressed in particular with Aircraft needing a lot more cleaning and ongoing care. Otherwise not much needs to be done. We may want to address trains and their cleaning as well.

As our world progresses this hygiene issue MUST become more important. It is true that we definitely need to get better methods and means for border controls of disease but the big issue in all cases is hygiene.

Mudassir Ali
- Mar 04, 2020 11:11 AM

BEIJING: No and it’s silly to think so. A bio-weapons attack would not make sense if either Washington or Beijing had conspired to do it against each other. There are no real benefits by engaging in such actions under moments of peace. China and the US are economic, trade and diplomatic rivals but they have not declared war against the other.

Last month, US and Chinese trade officials signed a ‘Phase One’ trade agreement. American exporters, farmers, ranchers, lawyers, scientists, inventors and fin-tech investors will be big winners here. So if Washington’s bio-warfare units had somehow infiltrated into Wuhan, central China’s Hubei Province, those actions would have sabotaged the US and China markets.

China’s economy would be harder hit, but that’s taking chances with American lives as well. There’s another theory that only Asians can get infected with the novel coronavirus pneumonia (NCP). But the evidence had proven otherwise as we now have confirmed cases of the NCP for non-Asian Africans, Europeans and Americans. The US government at the highest levels would not permit its agents to launch a bio-warfare attack on China this year.

Reflect on the Greek Myth, Pandora’s Box as a good method to debunk conspiracy theories, urban myths and fake news. You can read the tale from the Website, GreekBoston. The link is here:

The Story of Pandora’s Box

The story is about a female character named Pandora who received a jar as a wedding gift from the Greek god Zeus. Her husband Epimetheus warned her never to open it, but out of curiosity she did. As a consequence, the jar released all of life’s miseries into the world while only keeping hope inside. The lesson learned is that when you have unleashed uncontrollable forces that can come back to harm you.

When pondering the a Greek myth, we can see why governments remain careful about handling its bio-warfare agents and nuclear weapons during peace times. They recognize that what goes around, comes around. If they launch bio-ware attacks on other nations, they could be hit by them as well.

Hence, let me address another conspiracy theory that’s making the rounds on Social Media sites. There are claims that Washington had hired Chinese criminal gangs to deploy drones that sprayed Chinese hog farms with chemical agents to infect pigs with the swine flu. Supposedly, this attack had wiped out one-third of China’s pig population last year but this story does not hold water either.

How could the US Armed Forces or CIA (Central Intelligence Agency) sneak their drones with deadly chemical agents into Chinese territory? Are we to believe that the People’s Liberation Army (PLA) cannot protects its borders and stop US swine flu drones from entering Chinas airspace

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