Is it safe to organize the HBL PSL Final in Lahore?

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Mudassir Ali 5 months 1 Answer 90 views 0

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  1. I think its safe enough for the time being. Army, government officials and all media is actively participating in the event. I live near Gaddafi Stadium, in gulberg and I observed active policemen, army helicopters and rangers all over the area. Its safe in a way that the whole country is involved in the event and the security is enormously high. 30,000 sOf course yes. We Pakistani have been craving for cricket for long. There is a whole generation who hasn’t seen international players in Pakistan. This event will surely revive international cricket.ecurity personnel are bei I’m afraid not. Because Quetta has been a powerful team throughout the tournament. KP is a star player of the team. They’ll surely lose balance in the team without some of the foreign deployed for one PSL final match.Most of the people are saying that it is unsafe and any mishap could push us for more 10 years from the cricket. I say We have been announcing this the whole year and PCB had already promised that. If we don’t play it in Pakistan, it would bring negative gesture to all over the world. And if we got successful and foreign players return satisfy, we would be able to arrange the whole event in Pakistan.

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