Is it safe to visit Iran? What are some precautions to make?

Mudassir Ali
Feb 18, 2020 04:59 AM 0 Answers
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Mudassir Ali
- Feb 18, 2020 04:59 AM

I’m chinese, once studied in uk now work in Poland. I’ve been to over 60 countries including almost all the Europe, USA, every eastern Asian countries, India, Australia New Zealand and so on. And believe me, iran is the best country for me, you will never regret.

actually according to those American movies such as Argo iran is discribed as an evil country with dictatorship and no human rights, guns everywhere and extremists, but it’s totally not true. Let me explain to you:

are Iranian people extremists?
in fact most of the Iranian people are not “real Muslims”, especially for those young people, which means that they almost don’t obey those serious regulations. For instance, at least 60% of the people there have sex before the wedding, and when I was in Isfahan, lots of Muslims go to Zhulifa, the Armenian area to buy pork, and they drink alchol… do you think extremists will do that?

2. how do iranian people think about foreigners?

most of them haven’t seen foreigners for the whole of their life, especially black and Asian people, so they are very curious towards foreigners. If you travel in iran and someone come to talk to you, don’t worry pls, they just want to make photos and chat with you

if they want to give you something to eat or invite you to their home to have dinner, don’t worry, just go. I’ve been invited every city in iran I travelled to

3. Is it dangerous to talk to Iranian females?

iranian girls are as nice as western girls. They are pretty and never mind if you want to take photos or chat with them. Also if you are a girl, you can date with an Iranian guy. But if you want to hug or kiss them, better be in the hotel room rather than on the streets

4. What do iranian governments do towards westerners?

Well, i’m A chinese, and Chinese and Russians are well treated by the iranian government, we can easily get a visa and well protected. If you are a westerners, don’t worry, for civilians like westerners, and none of them like their government haha

5.any other westerners in Iran?

why there are french and German everywhere in iran… this is the first country where western tourists more than Chinese…’s the travel there?

Do not take the flight, cuz due to the economic situation, most flights are old and lack of repairing. Unsafe

you can take the railway, though you have to go to the travel agency to ask them buy for you

Yet the best way to travel from one city to another is by bus. Iranian bus are modern, new and large. You can sleep on the bus cuz the seats are sofas. And they got free drinks and food for you

also you can rent a car and a driver for you, it’s cheap

7.can iranian people speak English?

most of them cannot. But young people especially university students can, and tour guides can. That’s enough

8. Safe about money?

this is the only thing you need to worry about. In iran credit card is not available, so you need to bring lots of cash. Due to the inflation, Iranian riyals are incredible “1million around 500 dollars, don’t know how much now”. So Iranian people all know that you are carrying a lot of money. So be careful about your bags, though Iranian muslims are the most honest Muslim I’ve ever met (fuck Turkish haha, everyone lie and cheat in turkey)

9. Can I go to Israel after i’ve Been to iran?

well, the policy now shows that if you’ve been to iran, you can go to USA or Israel if you got a visa, though the officials will question you. But if you’ve been to Israel, you have to wait for half a year to go to iran, while if you got a US visa, that’s ok no problem

so that’s all, at least for me iranian people like foreigners even more than themselves. When I sat in the park in Shiraz at least 15 person came say hello to me and gave me desserts and foods. I don’t know why you should worry about it

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