Is it still worth studying computer science? It has exploded in popularity and part of the appeal was that it was new and fresh? Is there another close option that is newer?

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Mudassir Ali
- Feb 04, 2020 03:39 PM

Originally Answered: Is getting a BS in computer science worth it?
I think it depends partly on where you want to work, what kind of code you want to write, and your general acumen for developing and problem solving.

I’ve worked with developers who never went to college and really admired their work. And I’ve worked with developers who went to prestigious private universities and found them lacking.

Your CS degree might not equip you for real-world development. But neither will the boot camp honestly. The only ways to be a great programmer is to program often and on challenging projects and to develop domain knowledge. Find a way to contribute to big open source projects. If you’re at university, participate in challenges/projects outside minimal coursework. Look for internships over the summer and even side jobs during the school year.

To paraphrase Glengarry Glenn Ross, “Always Be Coding.”

Developing additional domain knowledge — which is the understanding of a particular industry or type of problem — is an area where college can have an additional benefit: double-majoring or getting a solid minor in finance, economics, biology, chemistry, physics, linguistics, or even philosophy could really open up very interesting doors. Consider how much easier it would be start at Goldman Sachs if you arrived knowing what a yield curve was. Or to work on algorithms to map the DNA if you actually knew what DNA was.

All that said, college isn’t cheap and it hasn’t fast. Ultimately a bootcamp program might be the right answer for you.

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