Is it true that Canada is better than America?

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Mudassir Ali
- Jan 31, 2020 12:29 PM

Originally Answered: In what ways is Canada better than the US?
This really isn’t even a valid question.

Health care:

USA – the singularly most expensive and non-trustable health care in the world. 70% of all bankruptcies in USA are because of health care bills.

Canada – Free-to-the user. NO CHARGES.

Life expectancy:

Canada – 81 years, among the longest living peoples in the world

USA – 78 years the lowest in the OECD, by a WIDE margin.

Maternity leave:

USA – Six weeks, no pay and if you don’t come back in six weeks, your job is gone.

Canada – One full year with “almost” full pay. Your job is guaranteed to be there for up to two years.


USA – No. 34 in high school educational standards

Canada – consistently among the highest four in the world.

Higher education:

USA – the singularly most expensive in the world. A four year degree can cost up to USD400,000

Canada – Free (Quebec) or very reasonably priced. All applicants that qualify can study – having wealthy parents is not necessary.

Personal safety:

USA puts more prisoners (on a per capita basis) in jail than the any other country, by a factor of seven. 50% of all released prisoners are in jail again within 18 months

Canada – has among the lowest prisoner population and lowest repeat crime rates in the world


USA – I look after me, and you look after yourself. A general “population selfishness” which most persons, from any other country, cannot understand

Canada – Who cares, we pay our taxes and live our lives peacefully

Vacation time:

USA – NONE, absolutley no guaranteed vacation time, and many don’t get any.

Canada: Varies between provinces. Most employees start with two fully paid weeks and it goes up from there.

Standard of living:

USA – VERY UNEVEN, with the great majority living poorly by European or Canadian standards. 49% of Americans cannot pay an unexpected $400 bill without borrowing money this week. (Source: The Economist, this week’s issue.)

Canada – Uniformly high with far lesser difference between high and average paying jobs. Not that it matters to you, I hope, but minimum wage is up to double what it is in some US states.

I can go on…

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