Is it true that the black box in Mecca was a Hindu pilgrimage site and Mohammed said it can be destroyed if a Hindu pours milk on it?

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  1. Thanks for asking.

    tldr; I don’t think its a “shiv linga”, but it is suspiciously close to parts of shiv linga, perhaps an ancient indo-european + Assyrian god that Arab pagans worshipped. Since, its not hindu God, clearly, it has nothing to do with hinduism, or poring milk (which would be pretty hard to find in a desert btw)

    There is definitely a mention of obelisk like rocks being worshiped in that area and even more north west of there. The following is from Italy 9th Century BC :

    Now comes the tricky part. Are stones like these the same as Shiva linga, or indeed related to Shiva ? We don’t know that for sure.

    That Kaba image most definitely looks like Yoni.

    There are mentions of Mohamed destroying all idols in that building where they would do animal sacrifices to those gods. So I think they aren’t directly hindu gods.

    HOWEVER* that is not to say that they weren’t based on the Indo-European and ancient Assyrian/Mesopotamian gods. They from my understanding area blend of those two, and therefore related to hindu gods.

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