Is it true that the corona virus gets destroyed above 25°C?

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  1. Normal human body temperature is 37.5o C. Therefore, we know that the virus can live at temperatures greater than warm room temperature, or 25o C, under some circumstances.

    As befits so-called ‘warm-blooded’ creatures, our bodies will struggle mightily to keep their temperature constant under a wide variety of environmental temperatures. Only when the virus leaves the body will its temperature quickly re-equilibrate with the ambient temperature. Only in this environment will temperatures affect the viability of the virus. Immediately after being expelled from the body, the virus will be contained in a droplet of bodily fluids much like those in the body it just exited. However, these tiny droplets containing viruses will soon evaporate, leaving behind virus particles and other solids.

    Therefore, the statement that the virus will be destroyed above 25o C can only be true outside the body, where other conditions like ambient humidity affect its viability. I suspect that the greater influence will be how long the dry virus sits on surfaces that expose it to UV irradiation, air and chemicals. We’ll see when air conditioning ensures that indoor temperatures don’t exceed 20o C or so.

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